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2014 is coming to a close, and I feel like this year has been the craziest one yet.

I grew up in Minnesota, cultured by potlucks, Atmosphere, and the most bipolar weather ever known to man. I wrote and published my first 10 books there. I attended every nerd-con imaginable, and adventured every nook and cranny within reach.

But in 2014, I went a little mad. It was time for a change.

I decided to make a trek. With a certain boy by my side, I ventured to California, and lived along the coast for a time. I walked vast stretches of abandoned beach and hiked through the Redwoods. My wanderlusting spirit was quenched, but it wasn’t a place to call home. I stayed only briefly before uprooting once more and settling just south of Seattle, WA. Here, I finished and published my 11th work, ZILLOW STONE – an ongoing dystopian series, which I truly believe to be my best. Zillow is hard and cold and strong. She’s a no-nonsense kinda gal, and I’m proud to have crafted her. Maybe I needed her strength to undergo my own journey. Or maybe I’m just being cheesy and sentimental for no reason.

Halloween passed. Thanksgiving passed. Christmas passed. And as we come up to the New Year, I’m saddened by the separation from my family and friends, but I know that this is good for me. This is opening my world. This is helping me become a better writer.

Recently, I changed my name. No longer am I writing under the name Brindi E. Lundberg – now, I’m Brindi Quinn.

With this new year, I hope to continue my Zillow Stone series. I want to make it my best yet. I want to explore Mt. Rainier. I want to scour the Washington forests for vampires. :3

In 2015, I promise to keep making stories that are unique and enticing. In the meantime, thanks for following MY story as it unfolds to strange and new reaches.

XOXO! ~Brindi Quinn

Zillow Stone & The Unholy One ~ Releasing 12/23

My new series starts tomorrow (12/23)! Grab the first book in the ONGOING PURSUIT OF ZILLOW STONE for just $0.99 on Kindle!


In Eastern City, metropolis of wind and rain, a deadly game is about to begin . . .

Beneath the boy’s thumb, my blood bubbled in reaction to the implant. Hot stinging moved through my flesh for a helping of seconds before subsiding. The boy felt it too, for when it was done, he removed his thumb and inspected my hand. Beneath my skin was a green glow, roughly the size of a coin.

It was done.

Their people were born with extreme lust for ours, and just as my grandfather had warned all those years ago, one of them had come for me.

I, Zillow Stone, had been marked by an unholy one.

While I digested the truth of it, the boy leaned over, placing his lips nearly to my ear, and whispered, “Run.”

Recommended for ages 16+

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