Too excited, really.


My name is Brindi, and I have a secret to share.


Seconds: The Shared Soul Chronicles is my best work to date!! . . . Or so I’ve been told. 😉

Truthfully, though, I believe it.

(You sound cocky.)

Gah! I promise I’m not being cocky!! Just excited . . . Really, really excited. Almost TOO excited, if I’m being honest.

AnyHOO, I’ve published four novels in the last year, and I really do love all of them. I promise I do. BUT there’s just something about SECONDS that makes me feel . . . validated.

Here’s the thing:

I fell into a bit of a trap with my Heart of Farellah trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, HOF has a complex and exciting story, a love triangle that I’m VERY proud of, and really, really great characters. The problem is that I started writing it in first person . . . before I realized that I would eventually go stir crazy from writing in first person.


What’s a writer to do when they realize halfway through a trilogy that they might’ve been better served as an overseeing voice? A jumping around, secret-keeping sort of voice? A smug sort of . . . Okay, you get the idea.

Pout and carry on, that’s what they do. Pout and carry on.

(You don’t really pout, do you? You’re like 24, right??)

Ehhh . . . Well . . . Ask my husband. He knows.

Stuck inside of someone’s head just isn’t . . . hmmm. It got to be a little bit frustrating, to be honest. For me, at least.

That’s okay, though. (Laughs). With SECONDS, I wasn’t contained. I was a free perspective, and it allowed me to be ME. To let my voice travel the story without restraint. It offered me the break I craved. AND I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT.

Read HOF for the plot, the characters, the fantastic world of the Westerlands. But when you read SECONDS, I want you to connect with me. Feel me in the words. Even if you don’t personally know me, I want you to feel my intent behind each of them. Feel the tone I painted for you. Feel the breath I placed beyond the text. For you, cherished reader, I coated SECONDS with my soul. Maybe it’s fitting that the soul plays such a big part in the story. 😉

Okay, enough writer strangetude. Here’s more exciting news!!!:


The proofs are in the mail. I just have to look them over and then . . . MUAHHAHAHA (evilest of laughs)! Literary domination!!

(You sound a little crazy, don’t you think?)

Well, duh! Haven’t you read my ‘Ramblings of an Obsessive Writer‘ blog??

Moving on . . .

That’s right! All 4 books (and each one from here on out) will be available in print! So exciting. So very, very exciting. Too exciting, really. Yes, it’s too, too exciting. I think I need to have a sit for a moment.


Okay. I’m done. So go here: SECONDS , read the sample of my latest book, and download it if you like it! OR wait for the print copies that will soon be available on Amazon, etc.

Love to anyone that reads this! Time for me to get back to my WIP ~ Sil in a Dark World (another one I’m very excited about!)

Brindi E. Lundberg signing off!

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