Sil at Last, Sil at Last!

Sil in a Dark World

“Sil says I have a problem with authority. I say Sil’s a twit.”

Forced to live in the mortal world for six weeks, tasked with the impossible mission of making affectionless Sil fall for him, it is the end of the world for spoiled Prince Wayst.

Exiled from the underworld, Wayst’s only hope of return lies in making Sil love him, but how is he supposed to do that when all he can think of is killing her?

Love and hate have never been more deliciously cynical in this dry-humored tale of lust, murder, and romance.

What you have just read is the blurb from the back cover of my newest novel, Sil in a Dark World: A Paranormal Love-Hate Story.

(A ‘paranormal love-hate story’? Just what does that mean exactly?)

It means that this book was maliciously fun to write. Heh. Heh. Heh.

(Evil laughter? Really?)

Yes, I did in fact break out the evil laugh just for you! Feel honored! >.<

SIL isn’t a love story. Let’s be clear about that. The title doesn’t lie. This novel is most certainly a love-HATE story. Sarcastic, sexy, and a little evil, SIL IN A DARK WORLD is a first-person, present tense, quick & witty read written in a male voice. And the male voice? He’s something of an ass.

Yet for some reason, I felt right at home writing as him . . .

(Did you just call yourself an ass?)

Hrm. So I did. So I did.

If you haven’t read any of my previous works, READ SIL. If you have read any of my previous works, READ SIL. If you can, in fact, read, READ SIL. If you can’t read, pretend to READ SIL.

Think that just about covers it.

Now, to my new projects! I’m knee-deep in my seventh novel (Atto’s Tale), which is going to be released in stages. Two chapters at a time, I believe.

(You mean you don’t know?)

Er- Y-yeah, I do. Two chapters! Two chapters it is! Geesh. Nothing like making a hasty decision. But a decision’s been made nonetheless. Two chapters at a time, and GET THIS: The first release will be free! And maybe the second one too?? I dunno . . . depends how good you are. Have you left a good review for SIL yet? How about SECONDS? I do believe SECONDS needs some love.

Although, I’ve heard it’s dangerous to negotiate with authors. I once saw a commercial where James Patterson threatened to kill off Alex Cross if the viewer didn’t purchase his latest novel. What I’m doing can’t be any worse than that!

(Don’t you know justification’s only for the guilty??)

Geh. If I’m guilty, it’s only because SIL has so many deliciously naughty moments. Heh. Heh. Heh. And for reader reference, this time the laugh was more of a perverted / crude type.

Now that my perversions have been settled, it’s time for me to shamelessly plug AGAIN for SIL! E-copies are ready to go for Kindle and most other devices. Get it on Smashwords OR Amazon. I don’t care which. All I care is that you READ SIL. I will post a new blog the INSTANT the paperbacks become available. Should be within the week!!! Eeeek!!!

Thank you for once again reading my crazy, obsessive ramblings. Much love.

XOXO Brindi

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