No Swearing Allowed

I begin this blog with an ugh:


And here’s why:

I picked March 31st to release Part 2 of the Atto’s Tale miniseries . . . before I realized what day it was. Good job, Brindi. Now not only do you have the risen Lord to compete with, but lots of boobs and dragons, as well. -_- Sigh. And sigh again. (Okay, but really, I am crazy stoked for Season 3 of the throne-based gaming. Eeek!) 😉

Hm, and now for an update! Book 1 of the Eternity Duet (titled Everdare) is coming along smoothly! The narrative voice is somewhat archaic, so it usually takes a bit for me to get into — my natural internal voice is much more lazy and crass, and whereas my characters tend to be modern-jargoned and swear without restraint, my new narrator (won’t reveal her name just yet) isn’t and doesn’t. So each time I feel the need to throw in a d*** or f*** or what have you, dang it all, I must resist! But that’s all fine, I suppose, because the narrative is coming along pretty beautifully! It’s the sort of thing I’d like to listen to aloud . . . with maybe an exciting British person narrating. Possibly Martin Freeman or the guy from Art Brut. Take your pick.

We’re looking at a summer release on that one, and I haven’t yet decided what I’ll work on afterwards, but I can safely say it will either be Book 2 of the Eternity Duet OR the sequel to The World Remains. Squeal! Wait for me, Olté!

Oh! And since it was previously mentioned, Atto’s Tale is still in progress. I will deliver part 2 on the 31st (as promised) so that if anyone cares to have a sexy read amidst their Easter egg huntings, they may. Just to warn, however, last chapter took a turn for the weird. Sorry! >.< I just couldn’t help myself! As of now, there will be four parts total . . . I think. Gah! Always with the indecisiveness!

And now for some gushing: These last few months have been pretty exciting for me. I’ve had record sales and several reviews, and I’m very exceedingly happy and grateful! *Sniffle* Thank you for your kind words, messages, texts. They are fuel for my typin’ fingers, and I read and reread them with fervor! (P.S. I tell you this not to brag, but because I truly appreciate it!) If anyone would care to turn those words into reviews on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever, it would be a massive help. Seriously, it would!

Mmkay, that’s all for now. Must go shovel. March is bipolar. Enjoy your Game of Thrones! As will I!

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