Come True: A Bomb-Ass Genie Romance

3-book(+) series told in first person ❁ present tense ❁ new adult paranormal romcom ❁ 304,000(+) words ❁ audiobook & hardcover available ❁ Midnight Tide Publishing

A jaded girl. A persistent genie. A contest of souls.

Recent college graduate Dolly Jones has spent the last year stubbornly trying to atone for a mistake that cost her everything. She doesn’t go out, she doesn’t make new friends and she sure as hell doesn’t treat herself to things she hasn’t earned, but when her most recent thrift store purchase proves home to a hot, magical genie determined to draw out her darkest desires in exchange for a taste of her soul, Dolly’s restraint, and patience, will be put to the test.

Newbie genie Velis Reilhander will do anything to beat his older half-brothers in a soul-collecting contest that will determine the next heir to their family estate, even if it means coaxing desire out of the least palatable human he’s ever contracted. As a djinn from a ‘polluted’ bloodline, Velis knows what it’s like to work twice as hard as everyone else, and he won’t let anyone—not even Dolly f*cking Jones—stand in the way of his birthright. He just needs to figure out her heart’s greatest desire before his asshole brothers can get to her first.

COME TRUE: A BOMB-ASS GENIE ROMANCE is the romantic, fantastic second-coming-of-age story of two flawed twenty-somethings from different realms battling their inner demons, and each other, one wish at a time.

A Crown of Echoes

4-book series told in first person with second-person breakouts ❁ past tense ❁ new adult epic fantasy romance ❁ 260,000 words ❁ omnibus available ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

“I’ve wondered what you taste like for so damn long. You taste better than I ever could have imagined… my queen.” He shouldn’t be calling me that. Beau was his queen. And I had a problem. I wasn’t supposed to feel this way.

Queen Merrin might be the least queenly queen in all the realms. After all, queens don’t typically sneak out at night to drink with their guards. When her best friend and neighboring queen, Beau, goes missing, Merrin won’t leave rescue to the knights. She sets out from the civilized world and into the wilds to retrieve her lost friend, but with ancient hexes, stolen power, and a mountain of giants’ bones, Merrin stumbles into something much greater than a simple rescue mission.

Get ready for a swoony whirlwind of dark magic and forbidden romance, as Merrin finds strength in the whispers of the forest and comfort in the arms of a guard with tantalizing abilities.


2-book duet told in first person ❁ present tense ❁ upper young adult urban fantasy ❁ 133,000 words ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

He cups me close to his face, near his mouth, so that his lips are grazing the reaches of my light. “You’re warm, B.” He grins. “Like a small fluttering bird.” Then, his grin grows into something edging on salacious, and I have one hasty, breathless thought: …He’s going to kiss me? Nope. At the last moment, he opens his mouth and shoves me inside. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve just been swallowed.

Bexley Lightborne is not your average run-of-the-mill mortal. She’s a realm-hopping, light-wielding badass… with just a touch of amnesia. As shadows from the dark realm invade the world of light, Bexley enlists the help of a foul-mouthed, baby-faced newcomer holding magickal potential… who also happens to be the worst human boy Bexley has ever met. Tethered together, two unlikely heroes will discover the truth of their forgotten bloodline and fight to reclaim what’s been lost, whether they want to or not.

Four colors collide in a war of light. And all of this magick stuff? Pretty badass.

The Pursuit of Zillow Stone

standalone told in first person ❁ past tense ❁ upper young adult dystopian ❁ 129,000 words ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

In Eastern City, metropolis of wind and rain, a deadly game is about to begin…

Beneath the boy’s thumb, my blood bubbled in reaction to the implant. Hot stinging moved through my flesh for a helping of seconds before subsiding. The boy felt it too, for when it was done, he removed his thumb and inspected my hand. Beneath my skin was a green glow, roughly the size of a coin. It was done. Their people were born with extreme lust for ours, and just as my grandfather had warned all those years ago, one of them had come for me. I, Zillow Stone, had been marked by an unholy one. While I digested the truth of it, the boy leaned over, placing his lips nearly to my ear, and whispered, “Run.”

At the end of time, the world is divided. In the west reside the Markers, in the east, the Marked. On a massive gameboard, scattered with discotheques and giant mechbeasts, Zillow Stone’s sole purpose is to serve as prey. But she is fastest, strongest, smartest… and she won’t go down without a fight. Who will win in a death game to survive? And when it’s every player for herself, who can Zillow trust? In the wasteland, where the Markers play with their prey like it’s food, not everything is as it seems.

The Eternity Duet

2-book duet told in first person ❁ present tense ❁ young adult epic fantasy romance ❁ 177,000 words ❁ omnibus available ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

Awyer composes. He draws his hand along my spine. “If you do not exist, then I will not exist either. Make me as you are. Make me unseen. We can be together then.”

To the rest of the world, Grim is nothing more than a shadow. But to her ward, seventeen-year-old Awyer, Grim is a faerie-like being with the gift of foresight and hair that darkens as day wanes to night—the only one who knows the truth of the stolen magicks swimming through her ward’s veins. 

When outside magicks attack the enchanted kingdom of Eldrade for the first time in a thousand years, it’s up to Grim to propel Awyer forward along his destiny—to deliver smuggled power to the Golden Lands where his sphinx ancestors reside—and to guide him through a world of witches, zombies, and necromancers, picking up those she sees in her visions of Awyer’s future along the way. 

But everything Grim knows about being a faerie will be put to challenge when Awyer begins to show signs of affection for her—a thing unheard of between faerie and ward. In a poetic tale of warring magicks, fantastical lands, and desire battling duty, Grim has a long way to go before she’ll understand what it means to be human.

The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw

standalone told in first person ❁ present tense ❁ upper young adult paranormal romance ❁ 57,000 words ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

Marley Craw is dead. Dead as a deadbolt DEAD. But death is only the beginning for our deceased heroine. When it comes to the afterlife, Marley’s fate is unclear. Having lived a good-but-not-GREAT, selfish-but-not-WICKED life, Marley’s landed herself on the UNDECLARED list. Now, this before-her-prime beauty will spend her nether-days under the watchful eye of two grim reapers.

And the reapers?

They’re hot as Hell.

Two sexy reapers, one unfortunate ghost, and enough heat to wake the dead. WHO will win Marley’s SOUL?

The World Remains

standalone told in first person with letter-like breakaways ❁ past tense ❁ upper young adult dystopian romance ❁ 95,000 words ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

It wouldn’t be until much later that I’d even come to realize how generic it was to call something ‘Schoolhouse,’ ‘Clinic,’ or ‘Market.’ Within our fairytale, we were children playing house. There was a lack of authenticity to everything we were. But all that would change. It was already on its way.

Blue-eyed, wheat-haired Ashlin was born without a last name, born to replace a woman named Ashia in a society where every life and death is planned and countered. Raised to believe she was one of the last ninety people left in a dying world, Ashlin’s reality comes crashing down when she learns the forbidden truth—that the world beyond her small commune is alive and inhabited by the one true race of humanity—golden, dark-haired people who look nothing like her. In truth, Ashlin’s existence is ruled by a group known as Histo, and her hamlet is one of many created to preserve the races of old.

Knowing her life has been carefully constructed and monitored by those on the outside, Ashlin’s only solace comes in the form of a boy named Olté, the secret ninety-first member of her commune who lives in a cottage on the outskirts of the village, outcast due to a genetic mutation. In a society where anything less than perfection is quickly disposed of, Olté is the only person Ashlin trusts with her most important secret—something that would get her killed if the Governs of her commune ever found out.

But when Olté suddenly disappears leaving only an ominous note behind, Ashlin suffers what it means to be a girl stuck alone in a society where she cannot choose anything for herself, while the Governs prepare for her seventeenth birthday where she’ll be given a husband and a trade. With her engagement quickly approaching, Ashlin clings tightly to the note left behind by her secret person…


Sil in a Dark World

standalone told in first person ❁ present tense ❁ upper young adult paranormal romance ❁ 55,000 words ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

“Sil says I have a problem with authority. I say Sil’s a twit.”

Sil Tenor is a hoarder. Sil Tenor doesn’t date. Sil Tenor is Prince Wayst’s only hope of returning home.

Exiled from the underworld and forced to pose as a high school transfer student, spoiled Prince Wayst has one month to prove himself as a suitable ruler, which questionably involves making a mortal girl fall in love with him. A task that would be much easier if he didn’t want to kill her so badly.

Shacking up at the disorganized hovel that is Sil Tenor’s house, Wayst feels every second of his encroaching deadline as he struggles to find a morsel of common ground with stubborn, sarcastic Sil Tenor who has no interest in him romantically and who is obviously holding secret motives of her own. And when it becomes apparent that someone from Sil’s hometown knows Wayst’s true identity and is attempting to siphon his power, bowing down and asking Sil Tenor for help is the last thing he wants, though it may be his only option.

Love and hate have never been more deliciously cynical, in this quick and quirky tale of lust, murder, and romance.

Seconds: The Shared Soul Chronicles

standalone told in third person ❁ past tense ❁ upper young adult SF romance ❁ 58,000 words ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

“The scarlet tattoo marked him as one who had never been born. It marked him as a Second.”

In the age of inventors, Seconds are beings that were never meant to exist. Split personalities that possess thoughts, feelings, and bodies separate of the people who spawned them, Seconds are seen as a nuisance to the residents of the mechanized city of St. Laran. 

Eighteen-year-old heiress Tide Yondo has never met a Second. Kept sheltered from the public at the top of the city’s highest apartment complex under the watchful eye of her father’s lawyer, she frequently sneaks out in hopes of moonlighting as a scrap climber, fulfilling ruin-exploration quests in the wasteland beyond the walls of the city. 

When, on the day of her huntress licensing test, Tide meets her first Second, she quickly realizes he’s nothing like the ‘despair in a suit of flesh’ her friends warned her about. The Second, known as Rye, is fun, cute, and seems as solid as any other person she’s met, save for the red tattoo on his neck identifying him as one who shouldn’t exist. 

But as Tide and Rye’s fast friendship over their love of scrap climbing begins to develop into forbidden feelings, both start to question their chance meeting. Tide has been blacking out and claims to have a serpentine demon after her, Rye feels like he may have met Tide before being split from his primary personality, and there seem to be outside forces trying to drive them apart.

Through steam-filled ruins and dangerous hunts, Tide and Rye slowly mend the pieces of their fractured pasts as they work together to discover the secrets of the soul.

Heart of Farellah

4-book series told in first person ❁ past tense ❁ young adult epic fantasy romance ❁ 402,000 words ❁ Never & Ever Publishing

Nineteen-year-old Aura Rosh is the only silver-haired girl in Farellah, the city of songstresses. Born into a family known for producing powerful women blessed with the gift of song, Aura feels the weight of expectation as she prepares for her coming-of-age ritual that will finally unlock her magic and allow her control over the elements. But when, on the night of her rite, Aura is kidnapped by a pair of elves before she can complete her ritual, she must deal with the world’s worst case of mistaken identity thanks to her stardust hair that matches the description of a songstress from legend.

Torn from her village, Aura soon finds herself wrapped up in elven lore and politics and at the center of a prophecy where one group believes her to be an evil songstress who will release a song to destroy the world, while another thinks her the world’s only hope against the coming destruction. When Aura discovers that her long-lost sister was kidnapped for a similar reason, she decides to take fate into her own hands, agreeing to make a pilgrimage to save her sister while hoping to convince her captors-turned-guardians that she is neither their villain nor their hero.

As Aura’s powers begin to manifest, she realizes there are those within her guard keeping secrets. An ancient truth has been kept hidden from her people, her memory may have been altered, and there is a spirit from beyond the grave that keeps trying to warn her about her traveling companions. Unsure who to trust, Aura begins to feel a deep, magically-driven connection to two of the men in her guard—one a suspiciously familiar elf with a touch that makes her blood race, the other a handsome shadow-wielder who seems to know much more than he’s letting on.

In this epic fantasy romance full of magic and mystery, one girl desperately seeking to be more than her appearance will learn to hone her Creator-given power, challenge her fate, and maybe learn the reason for her moon-kissed hair.